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“Dawn of the Singularity”


4 Small Stars
Dawn of the Singularity

Every time I read one of David Simpson’s books I get a headache! If you don’t know this author, then I suggest you find his Post-Human Series and read all five books. This author has a very, very wild imagination focused on how mankind will develop in the future. He’s not shy about revealing some pretty wild ideas in his books.

This book, things are kind of tame at first. A bunch of guys have been running some advanced computer software and hardware companies for quite some time. The guys involved are all genius level or better and very dedicated to their profession. These guys aren’t involved in just the business end of their respective companies, but more into the development and advancement of their software or hardware area.

One company called Promethean is working on advanced software similar to what we are now seeing in virtual reality devices. This company has developed a super, super computer that will interface directly with the human brain and by doing so, enhance the human mind to beyond what it is now. At the same time, their computer construct will become more human-like and also increase it’s understanding of humanity and be able to help humanity further along in it’s development. Wow! What a mouthful! Their super, super computer is name Haalee.

Darius Robotics is the other company who is into development robots. They are automating all sorts of domestic tasks by building humanoid robots that, using MyTeam software, are capable of doing just about anything a human can do or doesn’t want to do.

While both companies have been pretty much open to each other, Promethean has been secretly developing their massive super, super computer and are a few years away from attempting a human to machine interface. Or at least that’s what most of the patterns in the company thought.

Andy Lexus has decided on his own, that the interface is ready and he wants to be the first human to be enhanced. With his two assistants, he hooks himself into Haalee. The results of this attempt does not go well.

Be ready for some very advanced thinking. Still, it’s not all brainiac stuff throughout the story. This is also a thriller with several things happening at the same time. You’ll find out what Haalee really is and whether you think she, it should continue or even if it’s a conscious entity.

I didn’t like the ending. I don’t know if this is the first book of a series or not, but the story didn’t seem to get finished. What everyone seemed to fear isn’t explained completely and it’s definitely not the end of the world at the end of this book. I might read more, then again, I might not. I don’t like headaches!

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