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5 Small Stars

I really don’t know why I read these books.  After each one, I have to really think about what I read and if it made any sense.  This story line is really weird, I mean really, really weird.  If you haven’t started reading about the humans in the first book titled, “Sub-Human”, then you’ll be lost after the first page or so.  Really, the first scene in this book starts with a conversation on the roof.  One characters flies up there and another uses his appendages to crawl up the roof!  And these are humans.  You definitely don’t need aliens in this book because the humans are about as alien as can be.  They have “evolved” from just ordinary people to enhanced humans who can fly through the sky and even through space.  There’s one scene where these two guys are having a conversation about a subject as they calmly float between Venus and Earth!  They’re not in spaceships, just floating along in space.

In this story, an evil race of Androids are about to destroy the Earth.  They’re not really interested in destroying the Earth but they do want to “assimilate” all the humans.  This means they take your conciseness and transfer it into a new Android body.  They have to do this because your human body won’t survive the terrible Trans-Human creation which has broken into this universe.  With an Android body, you’ll be stronger and won’t have to worry about dying since your body can always be replaced by a new one.  As long as the Android race keeps hopping from one dimension to another in front of the evil Trans-Human you can live forever.

But, Earth is on the brink of creating it’s own Trans-Human and the Android are here to stop that from happening.  They do in a way, but two Trans-Humans can’t exist in the same dimension so they kill each other.  This causes a huge solar system explosion releasing extremely dangerous gamma radiation that can and will destroy all life on any planet that they may be.  Earth has already been destroyed by the Androids so the only humans left are on Venus.  Venus has conveniently been terra-formed for humans so they get protected under a powerful magnetic dome.

If you think this review is confusing, try reading the book.  It feels like you got to have a PHD to read any of these books!  I’m getting where I kind of like them but they definitely are hard to understand.


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