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4 Small Stars

Very interesting book. Not a bad story line but a little hard to believe. The character development is OK but could have been a little deeper. I know these guys are military but I’m not really sure who they are. I think the main character, Dr. Graig Emilson, is also in the Marines and he’s a very elite soldier chosen to go on a strange mission of which he knows very little about. The mission takes place and it fails but not in the way you’d think. He main character, Dr. Craig Emilson, is killed. And that happens at the beginning of the book.

This book and this series does raise some interesting questions about the evolution of humans and their dependance/reliance/acceptance of non-human entities. I say non-human because give the right circumstances, these non-human entities can seem to become very human. And that’s what should be scaring every one who reads these books. The augumentation of the human body with tiny nanities has already been discussed in our day. I’m certainly not an expert in this area but I would not doubt that some where on this planet, someone is experimenting with nanites and trying to figure out what to do with them and more importantly, how to control them.

The books in this series are well written but they do have the usual Amazon ebook editing errors. There’s not so many as to make the book hard to read but they are there and you have to cope with them. I’ve already read the second book and have started on the third so you can be assured they are worth reading even though they get a little far fetched some times.

In all honest, I don’t see the future of mankind playing out like it’s contained in these books. There’s just too many variables to cover and too much human emotion to believe that one person could gain the kind of power that is indicated early on in the first book. Now later, having a machine gain that power; that’s not so unbelieveable!

Good reads; keep them coming.


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