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4 Small Stars

This one made my head hurt! I’m not new to science fiction by a long-shot but the concepts presented in this book ran me a little ragged in the brain! I’m OK with humans flying around in green force field cocoons and even with them shooting bolts of energy from their hands but evolving beyond that is a little tough to take all at once. I also don’t mind the direct interface with a highly intelligent A.I. but let’s keep it at that, shall we?

Here you go building human bodies with our beloved nanobots only to find out later that they’re really evil and will once again but the means of destroying all humanity! When will this insanity end? Can’t we just build something that doesn’t turn in the Frankenstein the first chance it gets? And how about keeping us straight on who the good guys are? I got lost half way through the book trying to figure out who were the bad guys and who were the good guys. They all seem to change places so quickly and easily. Good thing we developed a super hero like James to hang around and save the day for us.

The book is a good follow-up to David Simpson’s previous two books in this series. This one takes the read about as far out as we can possibly go and still understand what the author is talking about. I think I know what quantium computing might be all about but now I’m not sure it’s really much to even consider since this author has already written something far beyond that.

If you like to read stuff that challenges your mind and you don’t slam the book shut yelling, “That’s stupid!”, (kind of hard to do with a Kindle), then this is the book for you. The writing is good, the storyline is weird and things happen that don’t normally happend in your typical sci-fi book. I prefer military science fiction even if the enemy looks like over grown cockroaches. At least I can tell the goods guys from the bad and they don’t move around in other peoples bodies. I guess I like nice simple story lines. This book isn’t any where close to simple.


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