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3 Small Stars

What the heck is “Thrum” supposed to mean?

This book started out kind of interesting and then moved on to a lot of different parts that didn’t make sense. We have a couple of very young kids who find a strange appendage on a dragon fly and then on a roadkill Armadillo. They send off their find to a couple of biology professors at university and colleges some where hoping that one of them can explain what isn’t showing up in their biology text books.

Right now, this sounds like a good beginning to a real good science fiction story. I’m mean, if a bug and an Armadillo has some funny kind of organ, who’s to say people don’t, but it just hasn’t been found yet. The kids also know that not all the bugs and animals they found dead had the little spiral appendage, just some did. So, you’d think the story would be about this thing growing inside people, animals and bugs and then turning them into something alien, right? Well, it sure didn’t happen in this book. There’s a jump from finding a weird appendage in a Dragon Fly to this appendage being a antenna used to control people, animals and bugs. We don’t know who is controlling who, nor do we know why. We do know that the people being controlled, don’t realize what they are doing and can even kill if necessary. And what started off as a nice adventure for two pre-high school kids, turns sour when one of the chokes to death after being kidnapped.

Let’s just say that there are a lot of things going on in this book. Unfortunately, none of it’s real interesting to me. Things are happening that don’t get explained and people just can’t get away with. Most of the story is about the people who were being controlled, but found a why not to be controlled if they stayed around this egg thing on a neckless. We don’t know why the egg thing works and by this time, I don’t care. I found the book kind of boring and not very exciting. Even when the 3-year kid tried to kill his Dad. That was kind of obvious it was going to happen.

Still, you might find this kind of open-ended, run-around-like idiots science fiction story to your liking. I didn’t and won’t bother reading the next book, and I think there is a second one, I guess.

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