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“Enemy One”


Enemy One

What a roller coaster! My goodness, this book can yank the emotions out of an iThini, if they had any. I’ve been waiting to read this book since I had the luxury of reading all four previous books pretty much one after the other. Book 4, “The Glorious Becoming”, certainly left me wanting more and did I ever get it.

This one heck of a series even though the name “Epic Series” doesn’t do a lot for your imagination. Neither does the rather lackluster covers for these books, but at least this one had a picture of what I think was a Vulture and maybe, “The Vulture” the 14th has been riding around in. The book covers could see some work, but the story is worth overlooking whatever is on the outside.

As you’ll recall, Captain Scott Remington, the All-American kid gone bad and then good again, has gotten himself in a mess. He and his compatriots were busting a Ceratopian out of Cairo base heading back to Novosibirsk, Russia when he was re-directed to Krasnoyarsk, Russia to rescue what remains of Falcon Squad, his former EDEN unit. That unit was almost wide-out by EDEN operatives wanting it to look like Scott and his Nightmen buddies from Novosibirsk were the bad guys. This attack on an EDEN unit would give EDEN Command an excuse to attack General Thoor at Novosibirsk.

This new mission isn’t going to be easy nor is it going to be the last of his terribly uneasy missions. While he’s found out that Novosibirsk base is no longer operational and all the Nightmen have either been killed or fled for their lives, he still has a mission to preform. Where he goes after this is a big mystery, but with his actions in Cairo spread all over the world news, he and his crew are now wanted terrorist! His only recourse is to follow Nightmen command and get to some place safe so they can sort things out. Of course, they have to live through this current rescue mission, at Krasnoyarsk, first While Scott and his closes friends don’t really want to engage EDEN soldiers who know nothing of a possible humanity sell-out by their leadership, he’s got to shoot back in order to stay alive. The action in this book gets real intense.

The rest of the book is filled with Captain Remington’s and his Unit 14 members and what they must do to try and prove the hidden agenda of one Benjamin Archer, an EDEN Judge. He’s made some kind of pact with Earth’s enemy or something along those lines that could mean all humanity becoming slaves. In addition to this, Scott has to worry about Svetlana. She hasn’t been located even though she was thought to be with one of the Nightmen fleeing Novosibirsk. Turns out, she has been captured by the Bakma and is on a Noboat apparently headed for their home world. She is in chains; definitely a prisoner.

The author has a very good imagination. I guess it’s possible for some of these things to take place as they did, but most people would have been scared out of their wits to be part of what the 14th and Falcon Squad have to face. We get to know the characters a lot better and some even turn out better than we thought they would while a few others, especially Esther, should have been shot. Still, she’s going to be a big surprise to a lot of people down the road. I also like that the author realized that you can’t get shot one day and hop out of bed the next, like it was nothing. Being shot is no fun even if it goes right through you. And there are a lot of people with, unfortunately, get holes in them in this book!

And, for those who don’t know, this isn’t over yet! No, things are just getting started as far as I can tell. I hope the story keeps going for as long as possible. Good work Mr. Lee Stephen.

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