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“Heroes of Helios”


4 Small Stars
Heros of Helios

Be advised this is a very short book; either that or I read it extremely fast! This is another exciting book in this series although Spartan, our usual hero is mostly MIA while the story goes on with his wife in the lead. There is a lot of fighting but most of it takes place towards the end of the book so hang in there and finish it. Spartan’s son is also starting to grow up and actually acting as a somewhat responsible young Marine. He gets into a lot of the fighting and handles himself pretty well which means he followed orders.

There is also some political intrigue, in that we are now trying to establish relations with the Hellions but they are not all they seem to be. We find that they are deceiving the Alliance about their own population. We leave this book as usual…fighting our way out.

Looking forward to the next book. I hope it’s a bit longer, though!

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