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“The Slaves of Hyperion”


Slaves of Hyperion


There are two series of books being written by Michael G. Thomas and they have the same main characters so it can get confusing about what’s happening and when. The Star Crusader Uprising series seems to be stories about each of the planets in the Confederation or I guess it’s now the Alliance. There’s also another series titled, The Star Crusade Nexus, which also involves Spartan but he’s not in every book and isn’t talked about all the time. These two series can get confusing as to when each happens. I believe this book happens just before the Star Crusade Nexus starts.

Our hero, Spartan, is now a Lieutenant in the Alliance Marine Corps awaiting his next assignment. Spartan is not your typical Lt. No, he’s a Mustang that came up through the ranks fighting his way every step. He’s in the Marine’s because it was better than going to prison but now he’s settled and even has a wife and Son.

In the last book, Spartan and the Confederation finally defeated the Echidna Rebellion with some pretty horrendous casualties on both sides. Spartan also found himself fighting some huge man-made creatures that were created by some deranged zealot scientist. This monsters caused a lot of damage and just about turned the tied of the war until Spartan and his compatriots found a planet dedicated to the research and construction of these synthetic monsters. One such creature that had just been created actually realised he had a brain and decided that he should not be fighting against Spartan but should join him against his terrible creators. Oh, yeah, Frankenstein would feel right at home in these books.

So now we have the synthetics or Biomechs or as they are now called, the Jötnar, joining forces with Spartan and the tide of the battle beings to turn. It turns so much that the Echidna Rebels have been driven out of Alliance space except for small pockets of resistance that should be taken care with no problems. The Alliance needs time to rebuild it’s military, both the ground forces and the Navy. So as usual, it convenes a conference of all the top brass and civilians who might have any thoughts on this reconstruction and also includes some of the people who actually fought in the wars. Spartan is one of the unlucky ones that get sent to Nova Prime for this huge time wasting conference. He knows he’s going to be bored to hell but can’t do much about it.

Meanwhile, word is out that a civilian cruiser going from planet A to B has been attacked and totally destroyed. A Navy task force is sent to the region of Hyperion to investigate. It just so happens that Teresa, that is Sergeant Moranto, who also happens to be Spartan’s wife, is sent along with other Marines to go to ground if necessary. Unfortunately, this task force gets pretty much destroyed except for one ship that manages to get away. It tells it’s story of the planet Hyperion. It seems like the zealots have occupied the planet and have turned it into some kind of fortress that destroys anything that comes near it. Unknown to Spartan is that his wife, Sgt Moranto has survived the destruction of the ship she was on and has formed an attack force on Hyperion but they are grossly out number.

So to the rescue comes Spartan, himself. And he does this all on a Lieutenants’ pay!

These books are fun to read even if they are purely science fiction. The interplay between Spartan and his friendly e Jötnar is interesting and keeps things exciting. Spartan is the hero everyone needs to have around when the going gets tough.

These books are full of war fighting, a lot of farfetched science fiction which doesn’t get too complicated, and certainly entertaining.

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