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“Battle Earth VI”


3 Small Stars
Battle Earth VI

I’m just getting into this Amazon ebook but the amount of missing words and stupid sentence structure are causing me to question whether I should ask for a refund! I’m no English major, but when I find errors on every page, it’s pretty bad. I began highlighting the errors but there have been so many that I can’t get into the story.

Just be warned, this is a very badly written book. I hope the author takes some pride in his work and gets a revision published!

Ok, I’ve finished this book and really enjoyed it over all. The story line was pretty good although kind of unrealistic. Well, it is science fiction, but there was a lot of fantasy in the story. I don’t understand why Col. Taylor felt he was subordinate to Commander Philips? I always thought a Colonel out ranked a Navy Commander who’s equivalent to an Army Lt. Col.,right? I was one (Col.), so I should know. Also, Col. Taylor and his bunch seem to take the loss of their own troops too lightly. Not realistic and never easy to overcome or replace. I did notice that there could be another book in this series. Tsengle has something to say about Col. Chandra. Interesting!

If the author is English, then I can understand some of the strangely worded sentences, but there was way too much just down right bad editing! Didn’t anyone read this prior to being published on Amazon? I have read many, many other Amazon ebooks that had some editing errors, but this was by far the worse! You have to really concentrate and ignore these errors to get through this book!


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