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Boy, is this ever a confusing book and series! I don’t even know where to start reviewing this book, I read book 8, “Leviathan” back on 23 October 2021! That’s two years ago. Don’t know why it took so long for this book to come out, but it finally did and it wraps up the series.

There is a synopsis at the beginning of this book which you’ll absolutely have to read and try to understand. It covers everything that has happened in all eight books. That’s a lot to condense and cover. What makes this harder is that everything is so confusing. We have a Navy Captain by the name of Tim Granger who has gone back in time trillion of years, even before the Big Bang, and he set in motion his plane on how to stop the Swarm. That plan involves him creating alien civilizations and even almost sentient robots. How he does all this is a mystery to me and I’m sure it was explained somewhere in one of the book. Captain Granger isn’t a god, but he sure sounds like it.

There are so many different characters, some human and some not, that make this story even more confusing. In this specific book, I think we read about every one of them and why they were created to fit into Granger’s plan. He knew this present day and time would come when the Swarm would try to come back and destroy not only Earth, but everything. I am not going to try and explain what his plan was about because I don’t even know. How he did any of this is beyond me. How can a human live trillions of years even if some of it was in cryo-sleep or some kind of hibernation? He says he’s physically only 64, but he’s still running around like he’s 25 or so. While he has a ship, he also can order everyone in the present day to do exactly what he wants.

Apparently the President and other leaders of Earth have been take over by some kind of aliens and not sure whether they are the good guys or the bad guys. It’s hard to tell which is which. Even his own Navy HQ and top brass don’t get in his way of doing whatever he has to do. I will tell you one thing for certain, if you want to know what’s going on, you’re going to definitely have to start at Book 1 in this series and read them one after the other. I don’t know how anyone could read the series over time without coming to the point I am and not having a clue as to what is happening or supposed to happen.

This series ends here. I think that was the sole purpose of Book 9. If you make it through this book, then you’ve accomplished something. Just what, I can’t tell you. I’d put this series away quietly and go to something that is simple and makes a lot more sense. That would probably be any other book you might want to read. Ok, there I told you my opinion about this book. Good Luck!

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