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“The Frozen Sky”


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The Frozen Sky

Don’t waste you time with this book! I found it on my Kindle not remembering when I got it or why. I wish I hadn’t noticed it.

The story is very, very short. It takes place on Europa, Jupiter’s sixth moon. It’s a frozen ball of ice, yet it’s riddled with underground caverns and passage ways caused by fractures in the ice. Humans have been on Europa for quite some time. Deuterium was found here and although it takes an effort to extract it from the ice, humans are doing it. Everything was going well until First Contact.

Alexis Vonderach has gotten trapped far below the icy surface. A rock slide has killed her two companions and that’s when she detected the aliens. They appear to be starfish-like and unfortunately, they are not friendly. She and they can’t communicate, but she knows they are intelligent. They will kill her if they catch her. So she’s off and running through this frozen underground cavern system going no where. The only thing going in her favor is that she has some kind of indestructible space suite that can go into attack mode and do so without her needing to do anything. That is how she has already killed several of these strange aliens.

And that’s the whole story. She runs through the cavern trying to get away, fights sometimes and runs other times. By the time she gets rescued, I didn’t care.

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