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Another good book concerning humanities attempt to relocate to a far distant part of the galaxy/universe. This is the continuing story of Earth humans fleeting through the “Passage” to continue humanity after being driven from the Solar System by the Chian, a vicious eat-everything alien entity that couldn’t be stopped. Now at this new location and around a planet yet to be named, humanity has found more problems and are slowly attempting to solve them.

Col. Beth Warwick is just about ready to wipe-out the Cavers or so it seems. They have this one last push to reach what she and some scientist believe is a cloning machine which produces these Caver creatures. If it can be stopped, then that threat to the human population will cease to exist and the civilian contingent can start landing on this new planet to really begin the colony building. They hope to be able to use the knowledge found within this machine to better understand the aliens who built this entire underground complex. They have some writings and other indications of an advanced civilization, but so far none of their technology so it’s very important that they capture this cloning facility intact if at all possible. It’s not going to be an easy task.

Meanwhile her husband, Captain David Warwick is gathering with a fleet from the Torlas to hopefully go on the offensive against the Ghrell. They have intel of a gathering Ghrell fleet that might be a good target to destroy and teach them a lesson. It might also stop them temporarily from attacking Earth forces if they can destroy enough Ghrell starships in this coming battle. They will have some Bhalas warships with them, but their war-fighting abilities are suspect. And then there’s the Destons which Captain Warwick hasn’t even met yet. Still, all the friends they can gather against the Ghrell might insure a successful attack and give the Ghrell something to worry about. With the upgraded weapon system provided by the Torlas and the improved shields developed by the Bhalas, David feels his Earth ships are ready to do battle against the superior Ghrell. The Ghrell steal other technology and manage to improve it for their own uses. They are a dangerous enemy that needs to be stopped for this to be a peaceful place to exist.

A third string in this story involves a Lieutenant Tori and her ship which has crashed landed on what appears to be a planet occupied by the Ghrell. She has fought off the initial attacks, but now they are facing a new problem. This planet’s sun is about to supernova and already it’s sending out planet destroying solar flares. They must get their ship fixed and off the planet before it’s completely incinerated by a massive coming solar flare. It’s either be burned to death or explode trying to reach orbit and neither choice is very enticing. It’s hoped that the repairs they have made so far hold together to at least get them in orbit and away from this planet and its sun.

I did read where the author has also realized that the planet hasn’t even been named yet. Apparently, they were waiting to make sure it could be inhabited before actually settling on a name. One name tossed around currently is “Gaia” which isn’t very imaginative, but at least the planet has a name. Don’t know if that’s going to stick so we’ll have to continue reading the story in the next book, “Portents”, available on Amazon now. Also, not sure what the title of this book has to do with the story. I don’t believe anyone issued an ultimatum to anybody in this story!

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