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This is an interesting series. I don’t know how far this series can go, but it’s off to a pretty good start. Now, the premise behind the initial book, “Behemoth”, is that Earth has already been attacked and almost defeated by an unknown alien race bent on the destruction of humanity. The “Behemoth” was immediately built with the aid of friendly allied aliens right after that struggle. It is a massive ship meant to defend the entire solar system if and when the aliens return. A single ship expected to protect the entire solar system? I think not.

Anyway, the stupid aliens seem to only send two ships at a time to attack Earth. Actually, these aliens were attacking another alien ship that was fast fleeing them and this alien ship lead the bad guys straight to the Solar System. The Behemoth manages to rescue the fleeting ship and finds a weapon system or firing method called Protocol Seven which allows them to destroy the bad guys relatively easily. Now they must get this new protocol to the rest of the alliance, but they just can’t transmit via usual communication methods.

So, here comes two ships from the alliance ready to help the humans and obtain Protocol Seven. They volunteer to leave one ship to defend Earth (the Solar System) while the other ship and the Behemoth go to a secret research facility hidden deep within the Kielan’s territory. This should be a “milk run” mission for the Behemoth. It doesn’t turn out that way, of course.

The writing is pretty good in that it’s fluid and doesn’t get tangled up with minutiae. Protocol Seven seems to be some kind of frequency hopping method which allows whomever to use it to shoot through supposedly impenetrable shield defenses. Why no one from Earth has ever figured out how to do this themselves is kind of a mystery, but when coupled with the idea that they think one single ship can protect the entire Solar System, it kind of figures. We do have an interesting situation with an alien, “Clea”, living with and advising Captain Gray Atwell, commander of the Behemoth. She is interesting if not almost the same as anyone from Earth. Her culture is a little different and we get some glimpses into how they think. Then we meet her sister. Whoa! It’s hard to believe these two are related, but that’s what makes the book so interesting.

It looks like there is a book three, “Raid (Rise of Mankind Book 3)” already available on Amazon. Of course I have it and will add it to my already huge reading list.

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