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“Secret’s Past”


3 Small Stars
Secret's Past

I don’t know how an editor or publisher can release a book that has two Chapter 1s! My ebook certainly did. That’s a distraction right off the bat. After reading Chapter 1, I expected Chapter 2, but had to go looking for it. That’s not a good way to start.

Let me just say that in my opinion this book was badly written. The improper and highly unlikely lesbian relationship between Senior and Subordinate offcers; the ridiculous drama about a classified mission being found out by Sasster, who didn’t have a need to know; Cas bringing a bunch of aliens aboard the Tempest when he didn’t know enough about them; the ship’s crew just gives up when the aliens capture their Captain; Cas’s continued self-pity about his past decision is idiotic, and lastly, Box is getting really obnoxious and not very funny as he used to be.

Those are the major reasons I’m dropping this series. It’s just too stupid to continue to read. It’s not worth my writing more about it.

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