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“Chains of Destiny”


5 Small Stars
Chains of Destiny

[Unpublished note: I received this book as an Advanced Review Copy (ACR) directly from the author via a Goodreads email. I was surprised he asked me to read and do a review of the book. I need to post this review by 20 March or soon after. ]

Hang on folks, we’re in for another cool ride. This seems to be the first book of a new series, “Chains Of Destiny”, and it gets started with a bang! If you like military science fiction, which I do, then you’ll love jumping right into the cockpit of a space fighter as it flings around space trying not to get it’s pilot and gunner killed. The action is really intense right from the start.

The story-line sounds interesting. Earth doesn’t want to be part of some Empire so we’re fighting off the Imperials and it looks like we’re going to win! Uh, not so fast! You need to read the book to find out how things go south in a big way and really fast.

The book has got some good characters who appear to be old enough to do what they have to do to the free the Earth from the Empire’s grip. They also have secrets! Jake Mercer, the main character, has a big secret he isn’t telling anyone although there is definitely one guy who knows the truth. There’s also another guy, Jakes best friend, that thinks he knows the truth. He’s going to be really, really be pissed at Jake if he ever finds out the real truth.

I don’t know where the story goes now, but after this first book it has a ways to go to get the good guys back in action and whipping up on the Empire. You’re out in the middle of know where with a broken ship and only think there might be a ghost Admiral somewhere they could help you if you can only find him! Good luck!

Read the book. It’s really good military science fiction and hard to put down.

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