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This book is confusing. I’m not sure how all the parts to this story fit any more, but considering that the main character, Captain Tim Granger, has died and came back to life, gone into the past and fixed things and then went back to the future, it’s no wonder. If you’re not confused by that last sentence, then I’m not conveying my confusion properly!

So, here we are around Earth and it has been taken over by the Findiri. The Findiri are another civilization that apparently Tim Granger created to fight against the Swarm back when he was dead and doing things no one can explain. He created and trained several different alien civlizations that were supposed to assist Earth in their constant fight against the Swarm. We thought we had defeated the Swarm in Swarm War I and II, but now they are back and no one knows why.

But, that’s not the biggest problem. The Findiri believe they can manage humanity much better than what has been done on Earth so they are going to take over and rule from Earth. Admiral Oppenheimer, acting as Earth’s Supreme Commander, just decides it’s not worth fighting over so he just surrenders. That doesn’t set well with Admiral Shelby Procter who once had Admiral Oppenheimer’s job, but gave it up to retire and then she was called back to fight the Swarm. She feels that Earth’s fight should be focused on the Swarm and not surrendering to the Findiri, yet the Findiri are a force that cannot be stopped.

While all this is going on, there’s another alien race called the Valraisi. These things are not able to live on their own, but are parasites that must occupy the body of other humans. When they do, there can seemingly exist a mutual enhancement of both Valarisis and Human. Some humans take to this very easily and have come to accept their Valarisi “companion” as almost a part of their natural existance. Admiral Oppenheimer opposed the invasion of the Valarisi and has specifically forbidden any Earth starforces from hosting a Valarisi. Those that have previously done so, find it very difficult to give up their companion and some just can’t function again without one. Admiral Shelby Proctor is one who has kept her companion although she has to be careful not to let anyone know that she’s carrying one.

In the meantime, Captain Tim Granger is running around trying to find the Swarm ship and figure out what it’s doing. He doesn’t believe the Swarm should really be here and doesn’t know why it once again showed up, but he’s going to find out and put an end it the Swarm once and for all. Just how he’s going to do that is something of a problem.

My confusing comes from understanding how all of this stuff came to some kind of conclusion which I can’t honestly say it does. I think the Swarm blew-up when the Tritis destroyed their planet. I believe they did, but I’m not sure. Then there’s the Quiassi. This alien race plays some part in all this by bringing back previously dead people but in other peoples bodies! Go figure that one out! They also want to rule humanity so I don’t think anything was really settled in this book.

Is there another book in the series? Yes, “Majestic”, book 9 of the Legacy Fleet Series is supposed to be released in November 2021, although it’s not listed on Amazon yet. I guess I’ll read it, but I’m certainly not sure.

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