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“Into the Void”


3 Small Stars
Into the Void

Ok, here goes my review.  The story has some interesting aspects.  We’ve just gotten out of a major foul up on the planet Destiny.  We managed to save our ship, the USS Phoenix, by sending a kamikaze pilot into another ship destroying both the young pilot and the enemy vessel.  Yet, here we hang in the same place trying to make some necessary repairs.

Captain Jake Mercer and his friends are in a whole lot of trouble.  They keep getting into trouble no matter what they seem to do.  They see a lot of action, that’s for sure.  Even as they sit there, the Empire fleet comes back and begins hammering the Phoenix once more.  By a stroke of luck, they manage to get their jump drive fully charged, or at least charged enough to jump to the gravity gate that will allow them to then jump into the Void.

They do that, jump into the Void, and also jump right into another major battle.  Except this time, they have no idea who is shooting at who.  Seems there are a lot of small ships firing at some big ones and the small ships aren’t doing too well.  Then the big ship starts shooting at the Phoenix, so Jake figures he’ll fight back and hope he’s on the right side.
Turns out he’s helping the planet Oberon which is where they hoped to stop and get some needed repairs and resupply.

Ok, so everything seems to have calmed down and maybe this crew can finally get a break.  Ain’t going to happen.

If you like your science fiction fast pasted, with multiple plots going on, then here’s the book for you.  It’s got enough stuff going on all at the same time to make your head spin.

One warning, if you have any kind of military background, you might want to throw this book through a window because it does become so frustrating at time.  “Captain” Mercer is, in my opinion, a complete idiot and has no concept of security or he wouldn’t be in half the messes he puts his ship and crew.  That’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

Still, read the book.  I think you’ll enjoy it if you can get over grossly unmilitary activities of the crew.


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