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“Like a Mighty Army”


5 Small Stars
Like a Mighty Army

I just love this series! This one did NOT disappoint! Yes, if your not a fan of military logistics, you’ll probably find this book hard to get through but read it anyway. There is so much going on. I can hardly keep track of everyone now part of this story, but I just love every character that’s been introduced. Mr. Weber is a fantastic story teller but I do not know how he keeps track of every thing going on. While most of this book does deal with the background of how a war is fought, there is still a lot of fighting. One thing you do learn in war, is that it can be boring for long periods of time followed by short periods of intense terror! In this war, the distances are enormous so it does take days and days for things to come to a head.

I am amazed with the details provided in these stories. From describing the thoughts going on in Mr. Howysman’s head to naming a Sgt manning a Harchongnees port defenses, Mr. Weber puts almost real people in his books. It’s like he’s writing a historical account of our own past which would be a wonderful thing if it were true. I hope this story keeps going forever but I know it won’t.

Still, Mr. Weber, keep this series going as long as humanly possible. I hope the next book is just right around the corner, but if it’s not, I’ll be waiting for as long as it takes to get published. Thanks for such a wonderful story.

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