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“Conflict Unending”


4 Small Stars
Conflict Unending

I have to say that Raymond L. Weil is consistent in his writing. He continues to write to young adults and is extremely repetitive. I doubt very seriously if aliens or any one group of people have to keep reminding themselves of how superior they are to every one else. In this book, the Eternals constantly have to say, “We are the superior race and should rule the galaxy.” I think that statement comes up in every Eternal conversation and it’s most used in conversations between two or more Eternals!

Then there’s the rehashing of already made decisions. The new exploration starship has been discussed almost in every chapter. Who’s going to command the ship and is Jeremy going to go along on these lengthy exploration trips. Well, it was said that Admiral Barns would command that ship and said so often that she knew about it before Jeremy ever said anything directly to her. They even have to discuss how the ship is going to be outfitted and those discussions always result in something new added somewhere. It’s a wonder they ever get this ship completed.

In this book, the Special Five or actually the Special Four that are married to each other, are starting their families. Yeah, both Jeremy and Kelsey were expecting as was Kevin (who doesn’t even have a last name) and his wife, Katie. Angela had already married Brice, the Marine Officer, and they had a daughter named Clair. Of course everyone was super excited about the emmanent births, especially the AIs, Clarissa and Ariel. These two were going to set up some extensive training programs for the young children so they could grow up just as capable as their famous parents. And it was well known that Grayseth and Marille, both Care Bares, were soon to be wed and would be having cubs of their own. What a bunch of new rug-rats to be running around!

Anyway, there is a war going on. Jeremy is running out of humans to man his starships. We all the automation aboard, he doesn’t need many, but the does need more. He’s hoping he can send a delegation back to Federation territory and request more human, Alton, and Care Bare participation. He’s not sure of his reception and certainly not sure he’ll get much support, but he has to try.

The Externals are still banging away at the Originator fleet bases setup to protect Originator galaxies. Jeremy’s trying to find the resources to upgrade these fleet base defenses, but still he’s running into a personnel problem. The fleet bases are all commanded by Originator AIs, who a pretty adapt at millitary manners, although they apply absolute logic to all their decisions. Humans don’t and that’s why the human control fleets seem to live to fight another day while AI controlled fleets are nearly always lost. Something must be done about this situation.

Then there’s the Shrieels that the Simulins control. They could be an easy target for the Eternals. Jeremy knows he must get some forces to grab these two Dyson Spheres away from the Simulans and prevent their capture by the Eternals. If the Eternals do capture even one Dyson Sphere, it would doom the Originator, Alton and Human civilizations!

Ok, the weird writing is getting to me. I’m not sure if I’ll be reading any more of these books. They just have too much repetitive stuff and really stupid conversations. After reading one of these books, I’m always looking for something a little more adult and thought provoking.

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