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“Earth Ascendant”


4 Small Stars
Earth Ascendant

I don’t know what reading level Mr. Weil expects his audience to be reading at, but my guess, it’s pretty low. His writing is a lot of repetition sounding like the characters aren’t truly believing what they are saying or not hearing what is said to them. You’ll have someone say something in one paragraph and in the next, a character is saying the same thing back to the character that just said something. If that sounds confusing, it certainly is.  And a lot of it is unnecessary.

Now, I’ve read a lot of Mr. Weil’s books (about 34), so I do like his story-telling, but his writing is getting annoying. I wish he would just tell the story and move on. I know his characters don’t need to repeat everything over and over, but I guess that does fill up pages in the book.

This book is about the old Human Empire getting ready to strike back at the Confederation and the Druins. The Earth Humans and the Imperials were using the Imperial advanced tech to build defenses in the Solar System to counter an expected Druin attack sometime in the near future. They had also sent out the Destiny on a scouting mission to find out what the Confederation was doing and how capable were their space forces. The Destiny also came upon a Lamothian fleet taking thousands of humans from one of the former Human Empire worlds. Apparently, the Lamothians had been doing this for years and know one knew what they were doing with all these young humans. But, the Destiny was able to find out using her very advanced stealth capabilities. That information was going to enrage all humanity!

Meanwhile Durin Admiral Kreen has found the Solar System and is attacking. He doesn’t expect it to be much of a fight, but then finds out that the Humans have built quite a large armada and for the first time in thousands of years, a Druin/Confederation fleet loses a major battle! But, the Solar System lost a lot of their starships so their schedule to invade the Confederation in force is set back just a little.

It’s expected that it will take Earth another 100 years to be ready to actually send an invasion force into Confederation space and retake the worlds that belong to the Human Empire. Aboard one of the ships in that invasion fleet will be the High Princess Layla Starguard and her cousin, Krista Starguard. She hopes to regain Golan Four and the royal palace of her Father and Mother.

This fight will not be easy. The Confederation hasn’t had a threat to it’s existence in thousands of years and they don’t really see the humans as a threat now. The Confederation Council has grown complacent and has never acted in a quick and decisive manner. That could be a fault the humans could exploit and they do very well.

The story is pretty good, the writing not so much. Still, I believe I’ll continue reading this series because it is interesting and I want to see how it all ends.

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