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5 Small Stars

This is the author I read most. I have 18 books, wonderful military science fiction books by this author. If you’re looking for a very good author, I fully recommend Raymond L. Weil; he’s one of the best.

This book is the fourth book in “The Lost Fleet” series. That is some what misleading in that the “Lost Fleet” series seems to be a subset of another series called “The Slaver Wars”. You can start off reading the first book “The Lost Fleet: Galactic Search” or you can really know what’s going on by starting at “Moon Wreck (The Slaver Wars Book 1)”.

The characters in both series flow some what between series. While in “The Slaver Wars” we get to know the parents of the main characters in “The Lost Fleet”, they are all very good books. They have a military science fiction theme with lots of starships flying around and fighting bad aliens.

With out writing a whole new book, I’ll try to condense what’s going on. Admiral Strong leads a group of Humans, Altons, and AIs in the Triangulum Galaxy who have settled on Gia in the Fitual Nebula. Here they are somewhat safe from the Simulins who control this galaxy and are very brutal to any civilization they come across. They did control a Dyson Sphere in this galaxy, but one of Admiral Strong’s Admirals managed to blow it up in the last book. Admiral Strong’s group has also towed a huge derelict starship back to Gia. It is believed to be an Originator vessel called the Dominator and has an AI on-board named Kazak.

Jeremy’s task is to find out if the Dominator can be fully repaired and get the controlling AI, Kazak, to agree to join his fleet. You’ll be surprised when you read about what the Dominator can actually do and about secret compartment that Kazak won’t initially talk about to the Humans, Altons or the AIs.

Now, back in the Solar System, Admiral Race Tolsen and his fleet, sits in the defense grid of the Dyson Sphere they just discovered. It resided in the territory claimed by the Shari Empire and the Shari want the Humans and Alton fleet to leave immediately. Admiral Tolsen isn’t going to do that because he must find a way inside the Dyson Sphere to find out what exactly is it containing and if they can gain any advanced technology for the survival of the Humans and Altons. They also must ensure the Simulins, who have managed to tear their way into the Solar System, do not gain control of this Dyson Sphere. If they do gain control, then the Simulins will be able to bring their huge fleets of warships to conquer all the Solar System.

So, you’ve got two different stories going on in one book. The author does a great job of transitioning between groups, usually by starting a new chapter. Each group faces different challenges and mysteries that have to be resolved. There is an occasional starship battle occurring, but they read pretty clearly and are usually over pretty quickly. The Special Five, Jeremy, Kelsey, Katie, Kevin and Angela, are all here and being watched over by Ariel, the Avenger’s ship-board AI and designated protector of the Special Five. And yes, Kevin is still a lowly Lieutenant while everyone else has move up and with more responsibilities! Even Kelsey, Jeremy’s wife, is a Commander and gets her own ship in this book. I don’t understand why Kevin is still just a sensor operator on the Avenger. Jeremy must think his friend is an idiot and Kevin sure acts like one by not complaining.

The only other quirk I’ve noticed is that the author tends to repeat explanation of everything every time that item comes up. I keep saying to myself, “Yes, I already know that.” when reading several paragraphs with the same information multiple times! It fills the page though, so I guess that’s what counts.

Great book and I hope this series continues and I think it will as the next book titled, “The Lost Fleet: Search for the Originators” has already been identified.

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