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“Into the Darkness”


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Into the Darkness

This is just great! We started a series way back when with the first book, “Moon Wreck (Slavers War Book 1)” and now we’re starting a brand new series with almost the same characters. If you recall, then Commander Jason Strong and his copilot, Greg Johnson, found a derelict starship that had crash landed on the Moon. I said then, that this was a great way to start a series because that’s what everyone with a science fiction passion wants; proof that we are not alone!

From that point on, the series took off into one massive space battle after another. We were introduced to hyperdrive and found that there were good and very bad aliens in the Universe. Now, through cryosleep, the Son and Daughter of Admiral Jason Strong and Greg Johnson are in their very own series and it is a good one.

In the last book, “The Lost Fleet: Galactic Search”, we found out how Admiral Jeremy Strong and his fleet became the Lost Fleet. They were thrown through a intergalactic spatial vortex (I didn’t come up with this, it’s the authors!) into an unknown galaxy, which happens to be occupied by a race of beings bent on the destruction of all “organics”. They’re called the Simulin and I have no idea what kind of beings they are.

Now, back in the home galaxy, Admiral Race Tolsen is desperately trying to get a reinforcement fleet sent through the spatial vortex while they still can help Admiral Strong fight the Simulin. There’s also a strong possibility the Simulin will come through the spatial vortex with a massive fleet of their own with the intention of conquering the home galaxy. So, there are a number of exciting things going on and actions galore. If you like space battles, then you’ll love this series.

I had a hard time keeping track of all the ships in every battle. But the author does a good job of describing what’s happening and it seems to make sense. He doesn’t go into a detailed numbers count, which is great, but you do get a summary of each battle when it’s appropriate. Some of the Command Center conversations are kind of comical. I don’t think a group of people who have been around everything would have some of the conversations that the writer writes. There just isn’t any reason to say what these people say to each other.

Still, this is a great series and I’m looking forward to the next book which should be here in December 2015. I can’t wait!

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