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“The Path to Victory”


The Path to Victory

This book is kind of a filler prior to reaching the end of the series. As you’ll recall, the Human Empire is slowly gaining an edge on the Confederation which apparently has been ran by the Morag for many, many centuries. They once co-existed until the Morag and its allies decided that wasn’t what they wanted, so they attacked and defeated the humans in what was the Human Empire. Fortunately, part of the royal family was able to flee to the Solar System far away from the Human Empire or the Confederation. Here they stayed, some going into stasis until such time as they could revel themselves to the humans of Earth and the Solar System.

That time came and the Earth humans began to help the humans from the former Human Empire to attempt to regain their original capital world of Golan Four. High Princess Layla Starguard now has sufficient forces to protect her new Human Empire and allow the humans of the Solar System to build massive fleets for further use by both groups of humans. The humans also reveled to all the Confederation members that the Morag have been telepathically controlling the races for vast centuries getting them to do what the Morag wanted. Some of these races found out that they weren’t originally war-like as the Morag have made them, and they wish to return to their original culture. So, the Confederation has fractured with the invent of new telepathy blocking helmets that various races now employ when around the Morag. That obviously has not made the Morag happy. Where they ruled absolutely, they now rule only a small portion of the Confederation, but even that is considerably larger than the current new Human Empire.

Still, the Human Empire has been striking at primarily the Morag attempting to reduce the new of warfighting starships they have. A fleet led by Admiral Collison has been systematically attacking Morag star systems destroying shipyards, military facilities and now even planets of the Morag. The Morag have not had a lot of success fighting against these hit and run tactics and they are becoming very annoying. The fact that they have to stay in Confederation territory to defend Morag systems is something they have not done in centuries and it is aggravating them to no end. They begin setting up some traps for Admiral Collison fleet hoping to pin them down so a larger Morag fleet can destroy these pesky humans once and for all.

Yet, the humans aren’t just relying on these hit and run attacks. They are secretly getting ready to do something no one in their right minds would have thought possible. The humans of the Solar System have been very industrious and haven’t had to fight the Morag directly for a long time. This has given them time to build more starships, lots more. They now need to get these to the Human Empire.

As I said, this book is a filler because it’s mostly about the actions of Admiral Collison and his fleet. He has three subordinate Admirals with him and they each command flotillas that can either attack Morag assets on their own or in pairs when necessary. So, they go about inflicting a lot of damage on a lot of Morag systems. This book tells about those attacks, but they all are done almost in the same exact way. Once they settle on a tactic that seems to work, the humans don’t change so there’s a lot of repetitiveness in this story. It’s not badly written, but it’s the same for a long time.

What this book is leading to is the final battle with the Morag. How and when that happens might be in the next book, “The fall of the Confederation”, Book 8 in the Forgotten Empire Series. While it’s not available on Amazon for even pre-order, it does say in this book that it will be available in September 2022. I’ll be looking for it.

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