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To the Stars

Our author, Raymond Weil, has this thing about five young people saving the world. He wrote about the “Special Five” in his “Slavers Wars series and continued them in his “Originator Wars series. They may have been in another series, but I can’t remember. Anyway, we now have another group of five young people that are “special”, but at least they aren’t called the “Special Five”. Still, some of the writing in these books is kind of childlike.

This story pickups up after the Trellixians have been to Earth and nearly wiped out humanity. But, we had prepared since the days of the Roswell incident which was in fact and alien ship crash site. One of the aliens had survived and has been telling humans all the secret technology of the Jelnoids, an alien race smaller than the humans and completely wiped out by the Trellixians. So Earth had some eighty years to prepare, although humanity couldn’t figure out some of this advanced technology just because they didn’t have the tools, techniques or materials back in the early 40’s and 50’s. Humans knew they were not alone in the universe, but to avoid panic, no one ever revealed this fact to the general population. They also knew the Trellixians would eventually find Earth. They were hoping it wouldn’t be for a long, long time and by then we would have figured out all the Jelnoid tech and had prepared our defenses. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Still, the Earth just got some of the Jelnoid tech figured out to use it against the Trellixians and it was just enough to win the day. The Trellixians hadn’t been defeated by any other race except the Jelnoids which they eventually wiped out anyway. Now, humans had given them a significant defeat and they were not sure what to do. In the meantime, Earth began its recovery. Having most of its population underground in huge fortifications, most of Earths industrial capability wasn’t lost. Using Jelnoid technology, the humans started creating weapons, shielding and starships of their own. Soon, they would be able to defend Earth much better than before, but they still didn’t know if it would be enough. So, the first thing to be built and launched were two battlecruisers that were going in search of an ally, a race that was possibly also at war with the Trellixians and would want to help Earth.

On board one of the exploration ship, Vengeance, was Lisa, Brenda, Brett, Kia, and Derek. All had been Army Captains during the initial Trellixian invasion and had lost someone during the war. Yet, each one was a brilliant scientist or researcher and held the promise of better days for the humans. The author says they were “reduce in rank” to Lieutenants, which is wrong if they are now in the Navy. An Army Captain is the equivalent to a Navy Lieutenant by rank in most militaries. Never-the-less, rank doesn’t seem to be of concern to these young Lieutenants nor is the fact that they are in the military and could be on a very dangerous mission. There’s nothing that says they won’t run into another race like the Trellixians or worse. Their six-month voyage might be a forever voyage if they don’t find some friends.

It just so happens that the Trellixians are fighting another race. The Trellixians have a run-a-way population with no birth control practices. Their existing worlds are crammed full and they need new worlds to colonize. If they find a new planet occupied, they destroy the civilization living there and put their race in its place. That’s the way things are and that’s the way things will be, according to the Trellixians. Yet, the Voltrex are so easy to defeat. In fact, they aren’t so easy to even find. When the Trellixians have found Voltrex fleets in space, they are usually in fleets that are huge. While their ships aren’t as advanced as the Trellixians, they are very, very many of Voltrex ships and it almost comes out a stalemate.

And it just so happens that of all the directions two Earth starships could be heading, they’re heading straight for Voltrex territory. The Trellixians find out their course and realize they must not let this contact take place. If they Voltrex were to gain Jelnoid technology and become an ally of the Earth, well it would be very, very bad for the Trellixian Empire. So how do they intend to stop the two Earth ships and does the Voltrex even know that someone is looking for them? Read the book and find out!

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