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“War for the Empire”


War for the Empire

Ok, so the Morag and Confederation attack on the humans of the Solar System didn’t go they way they expected. In fact, it was a total disaster for the Confederation and one that was unexpected. Now the Confederation has to regroup and figure out jus who they can attack and actually win against. The Morag are one alien member of the Great Council of the Confederation and that Council has been the decision-making body for the Confederation for centuries. It’s thought that all seven of the member species control what goes on anywhere in the Confederation space and until recently, even outside Confederation space.

Except the Morag have been hiding a secret that the other six species aren’t going to be happy when they find out what it is. See, the Morag are telekinetic. Just by thought, they can converse among their own kind and even plant their own thoughts into the minds of the other alien species. Apparently, the Morag has been doing this quite regularly and this has caused a fundamental shift in the actions and entire culture of the Confederation. Instead of being a peaceful civilization working towards a common goal for all aliens, the Morag have turned the Confederation into a giant military dictatorship with them pulling all the strings due to their telekinetic abilities.

Since their fight with the Solar System humans didn’t go very well, the humans captured a lot of Morag and other alien species that participated in the attack. They have done a very thorough job of dissecting each species to see what makes them tick and to find if they have any weaknesses. After all, these are enemies so any information on how to better kill them is something the Earth humans want to know. Now the Morag’s worst fear has come to fruition. The Earth humans have figured out that the Morag are telepathic. What happens when they tell everyone about this? Well, you’ll need to read the book to find out.

Surprisingly, that information doesn’t come directly from the Earth humans. They provided their findings to the humans of the Human Empire hoping that it would give them an edge during their coming battles with the Confederation. And those battles are coming. The Morag has once again taken control of the Great Council of the Confederation and has manipulated the other members to agreeing to now attack the Human Empire. While a large portion of the Confederation fleet was destroyed when attacking the Solar System, the Morag have been secretly building vast fleets of their own ships just for this kind of occasion. They offer to lead these next attacks. Their intent is to wipe-out the Human Empire and then redouble their efforts to wipe-out the Solar System and all humans.

While Earth is now busy rebuilding from their recent battles, the Human Empire hasn’t been idle. They have also fortified a number of their systems and are continuing to build more shipyards and producing more starships for the fleet. The question is, will they have enough? Just how many starships can the Morag and their allies bring to this new war with the Human Empire. You’ll be surprised at the staggering numbers that are revealed. The Morag have also built some secret weapons they haven’t told anyone about. Fortunately, the Earth humans are very inventive and have been doing some weapon upgrades also. Which will have the greatest impact on the coming war? It is known that the Morag intends to go directly to Golan Four and destroy the Empirical Palace and every member of the royal family! Could this be the end of what could have been a very promising start of a second Human Empire? Will this Human Empire be able to withstand the Confederation as have the humans of the Solar System? Time will tell.

No matter what happens in this book, there is already a book 5, “The Confederation and the Empire at War” available on Amazon. It’s on my reading list.

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