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“War in the Confederation”


War in the Confederation

I’m kind of glad this series continues and hopefully it will continue to the end. If you’ve read this far, then you know what’s going on. The Human Empire is fighting for its existence against the mighty Confederation. Well, by-now, the might Confederation isn’t so mighty. The Human Empire lead by High Princess Layla Starguard has came back to life with a vengeance. With a lot of help from the humans in the Solar System, the human empire with its capital at Golan Four, has shown the Confederation that they won’t just go away and are not push-overs when it comes to battle.

The humans from Earth had defeated two different armadas from the Confederation to the astonishment of the Morag who are the leading aliens of the Confederation. They have had an iron grip on the Confederation for thousands of year due to their hidden physic abilities. Now that the other alien races know they have been manipulated by the Morag, they have either withdrawn from the Confederation or are on very guarded terms with their former ally. The Lormallians for one, were extremely upset about the Morag’s physic control over the Grand Council and started looking into their past history to see how the Morag has changed the Lormallian culture without them knowing it was being done. They then invented a physic nullifies which would protect any Lormallian that came in contact with a Morag. The Lormallians also told the other alien races of the Grand Council what they found out and offered the nullifies to everyone. Soon, the Council could no longer be mentally controlled by the Morag. This definitely made the Morag mad.

Still, the Morag had the Druin, Zynth and Lamothians as allies on the Grand Council willing to wage war against the Human Empire. The Lamonthians were especially terrible in that they consider humans a delicacy and would eat captured humans during their big feast/celebrations. High Princess Starguard had warned the Lamothians of the dire consequences of continuing this practice. The Lomathians didn’t listen and now the Human Empire was going to destroy every planet (four) that the Lomathians inhabited. That would be a significant undertaking you’ll read about in this book.

While this was going on, the Morag convinced the Durins and the Zynth to gather a fleet of 500 starships from each species and the combined 1,500 ships with enter Empire space and destroy three Empire planets. They knew they could not reach any of the core planets, but they believed some of the planets at the far edges of the Human Empire were not as well protected. So that armada has entered warp space heading for their first target.

The Human Empire, having dealt with the Lamothians now decided to being reducing the starship building capabilities of their enemies. They had previously destroyed a number of Morag starship yards and now were going to to the same to the Druins and Zynth starship yards. But, this mission could turn much deadlier if the Morag lead armada actually began destroying Human Empire protected planets.

The story kind of bogs down in places. A lot of the fighting is repetitive and you can only describe the same thing happening at different places in so many ways. What I do find distracting is that there’s always this count of space ships every time you turn around. Accountants would love these books only for that effort, but I would be satisfied just knowing that one side had a large advantage in warships verse the other without counting every singe ship. Besides, as rightfully referenced in the story, it’s the loss of people in those starships that really count. I do not know how any civilization could realistically survive these kinds of loses to their population. These warriors are in the prime of their lives and some of them are getting killed over meaningless small planets just because the enemy attacked on of our meaningless small planets!

So, Princess Layla Starguard and her military leaders have finally decided that they must stop this war. They have plan, but it will required the humans from Earth and the Solar System to be heavily involved. That’s what’s been going on back around Earth. A huge flotilla of starships is being assembled. Their target is being kept a secret for now, but if successful, it should end the war very quickly!

Book 7, “The Path to Victory” is scheduled to be available in May of 2022 with Book 8, “The Fall of the Confederation” due out in September of 2022. I’ll be adding them to my reading list although neither one of these shows up on Amazon just yet.

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