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“Moon Wreck”


5 Small Stars
Moon Wreck

This book is actually three books in one:  First Contact, Revelations, and Secrets of Ceres.  They are each relatively short but as one book, they fit together well.  Figuring out the series is kind of confusing unless you know that there are other single books in the series.  And the series is called, “The Slaver Wars” not “Moon Wreck”.  That should clear up something I was confused about.

[Update:  According to the author’s web site, the Slaver War series order is a follows:  “First Contact” (Part 1/Book 1); “Revelations” (Part 2/Book 1); “Secrets of Ceres” (Part 3/Book 1); “Alien Contact” (Book 2); “Fleet Academy” (Book 3); “First Strike” (Book 4); “Retaliation” (Book 5); and “Galactic Confilict” (Book 6).  ed.]

Now, this book is what I wanted my life story to be!  I am Commander Jason Strong, Astronaut, and one of two Astronauts to land on the Moon.  Unfortunately, we crashed landed!  For some reason we experienced electronic interference just as our lunar lander was descending to our designated landing spot.  This messed up the radar and everything else including our communications back to Earth.  Our lander hit on the side of a crater and tipped over.

After getting out and looking at our situation, we realized two things.  One, we were lucky to be alive and two, we had only a few months to live given our existing resources even on minimum rations.  We had no way to right the lander, it was just too heavy.  Fortunately, the side containing the lunar rover was undamaged. So we decide we might as well try and find the source of the interference and see if we could turn it off and maybe get some communications back to Earth.  Maybe!

What a situation to be in!  I’m not sure how I would have really reacted to this situation but these guys are just as cool as can be.  Greg Johnson is the copilot of this mission and while he’s a civilian working for the contractor that funded the mission, he’s also former military.  These two guys work well together and it’s good they do.
They get the lunar rover out and running and head for the source of the interference.  What they find changes the course of the world and the entire universe.  This is exactly the story that any science fiction fan would want to read.  It is exciting and, so far, seems to be very realistic.

Just remember the title of the first book:  “Moon Wreck: First Contact” .  Need I say more!


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