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“Galactic Search”


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Galactic Search

In the last book, three of our heroes were just blasted through a black hole. Along with them was two very large Alliance Fleets and a large contingent of AI ships. No one knows for sure if they survived the galactic vortex expulsion which must have happened on the other side of the black hole. They know where they think the Lost Fleets went, but there’s nothing to tell anyone what exactly happened once they reached another galaxy. If they did survive, what about the surviving AIs?

Our heroes are of course Jeremy, Kevin, Angela, Kelsey, and Kate. They are known throughout the galaxy as the Special Five and if you want to know why, then start reading the series from the beginning. I don’t really understand what’s so special about these five other than they seem to always be in some kind of trouble. Jeremy must be very special since he and only he has been promoted all the way from lowly Cadet to an Admiral in a very short time. Why the other Special Five haven’t been treated this way is unknown. Kevin is still a communication guy manning a console in the Command Center usually on Jeremy’s Starship. Angela, Kate and Kelsey are all Lieutenants or so it seems and have been Lieutenants since the series started. Admiral Barnes, their current Commanding Officer continually thinks about promoting Kate and Kelsey but never seems to get around to do it.

Anyway, Kate and Kelsey, who happen to be married to Jeremy and Kevin, have gone on the war path to get a rescue mission started to get their husbands back and oh, yeah, the rest of the Lost Fleets. They constantly hammer at the Altons, the Care Bares, and the Admiralty until something is actually done. With everyone’s help and lots of money, the Distant Horizon is built and sets off to try and re-create the same event that push/pulled the Lost Fleet through the black hole. They have to make a few stops on the way to the galactic center picking up some knowledge from the Altons home world that wasn’t known before and to get an ominous warning from former Fleet Admiral Streth.

Then, using one of the only remaining AI power cells not destroyed in the last book, they drive their starship Distant Horizon, the mightiest starship every built, through the black hole. They are hoping to come out somewhere close to the vicinity of the Lost Fleet and then be able to meet up with Jeremy and his people. Unfortunately, their calculated route must be exact or they could wind up thousands of light-years from the Lost Fleet. Additionally, they have a suspicion that another threat exists in this new galaxy, but they don’t know to what extent.

Just as they enter the black hole, a piece of space junk strikes the Distant Horizon throws her off course by centimeters. Over three thousand light years, that error adds up. Who knows where they will end up now.

And now starts the new drama in a new galaxy. Will the Distant Horizon ever meet up with the Lost Fleet? What is the new threat that Fleet Admiral Streth warned them about. He said it was worse than the AIs.

And worst of all, Kevin with Jeremy’s fleet is almost out of hamburgers! He might not survive long enough to be rescued! Read the book and eat a hamburger for Kevin!

This is pure space opera at it’s fighting. The author does a very good job of keeping you interested in what’s going on since it’s not all about the “Special Five” all the time. There are other story-lines going on that helps keep you interested. This particular book kind of dwells on the feels of the Special Five and their feeling of being separated for almost four years now. I think it could have been toned down just a little, but of course my Wife says I have no heart anyway! Enjoy the book!

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