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5 Small Stars

I think every author who has written a series, has at least one book titled “The Alliance” or just “Alliance”. So, this whole series is title “The Alliance”, but where is it. Well, wait for it, wait for it, no, wait you have to read to the end of this book!

Greg Hamilton was lost on a alien spaceship somewhere in the galaxy. With him was a beautiful alien female named, Arlynn, but she was in what’s called Cold Sleep trying to recover from a serious injury and now from a foreign infection. Greg has no idea if he’ll ever be rescued in time for his friend to survive or ordeal and then he realizes he has the foreign infection himself. He collapses on the deck of the ship that is now just drifting through space.

Luckily for both of them, they had a dedicated friend, called “Kannick” who insisted on making an effort to rescue them and their ship. So now, Greg Hamilton wakes up in a strange hospital with a strange man looking down on him from a seat near his bed. At least Greg knows he’s alive and then he wants to know the status of Arlynn. She too is alive and is being treated by the hospital staff, but her injuries and illness are very dangerous. They think they can pull her through, but it will take some time.

In the meantime, Greg finds that he has been given what he would consider alien medication and treatments without his consent. He knows that he was in no condition to give that consent so he considers whatever they did to be fine since he’s now alive and seems healthy. Oh, he has some aches and pains, but overall he’s just kind of tired. So, his recovery is what’s important to him and his friend. He’s on the planet Ariall, home to the An’Atee which is what the inhabitants of Ariall call themselves as do Arlynn and Kannick. He apparently is the first and only Earth Human to have sat foot on this planet.

He’s also a planetary hero of sorts. While he was making his and Arlynn’s escape from the Harbok, his abilities to do so were considered astounding to the An’Atee. They would have never considered using some of the tactic he used and they never, ever would have considered fighting for their lives against the Harbok. See, the An’Atee are completely pacifist. They even define the word in that they cannot and will not cause the death of another beings! Yes, there are a few An’Atee that have somewhat became warriors, but it was out of desparation and nothing else.

So, while they consider Greg a hero who saved Arlynn and brought them the stolen Harbok cloaking device, they consider that the end of the matter. Now they want Greg to feel free to explore their worlds and be among them so they can learn what it’s like to be an Earthman. The problem is, Greg knows the Harbok aren’t just going to let the An’Atee get away with stealing their secret cloaking device. He is sure the Harbok plans on coming to Ariall with intentions of wiping out this civilization or damaging it so it can never steal from them again. The An’Atee can’t even conceptualize any being capable of doing such a thing and see no reason to protect themselves.

So it falls to Greg Hamilton to now protect an entire planet against a proven warfighting alien race that have no compunction against destroying an entire planet. Let’s hope Greg is up to the task or he could be the last Earthman to set foot on Ariall.

About the writing. The author seems to love to debate issues and ideas forever! What should be two minute decisions turn in to four chapters of “what ifs” and “maybe this” and none of those actions take place. These books would be about half their length if he would just make a decision on what he knows and moves on with the story! Still, it’s good reading if not a bit frustrating/exasperating!

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