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“The Gathering”


4 Small Stars
The Gathering

This book follows the first in the series real well. We continue to read about the Antz (they have a name but it’s hard to pronounce) and how they are ripping through the human empire. As large and all consuming as humans have become, we’re no match for the unimaginable numbers brought by the Antz! We get introduced to more interesting characters and read about their individual struggles to survive.

The writing is good and flows very well. Even though we get shifted from planet to planet and from one fleet ship to another, there is good continunity between each story line. I find the antics of one Fleet Admiral (Jeeda Collins) to be somewhat ridiculous but this is just a story and it makes for good reading. I like the idea of sending someone out to find if there are any possible allies left I the universe. Makes sense although I’m not sure time will allow all this interstellar traveling to do any good.

Still, continue to read this series. It’s very intertaining and nicely written.

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