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5 Small Stars

A surprisingly very good book! Not that Mr. Yanez can’t write, because I’ve read some other books that he’s worked on usually with another author. But this time, it’s only his name on the cover and I think he’ll be happy with the resulting reviews.

Daniel Hunt is a bouncer in a bar on the moon. Well, he’s the “head” bouncer since the bar employs several. This job is one that Daniel is happy to have seeing as how five years ago, he woke up in a very dirty back alley in the city of Doom on the moon. He recalled his name immediately, but that was it. He had no idea who he was or why he was in this situation. He found he had some skills that managed to get him an odd job here and there so he put them to good use. In his current job, he was excelling at keep the place nice and peaceful except when the guys hired by another establishment called “Reds” wanted to cause trouble. Fighting was something he was very good at. He didn’t know how he had come by his skills, but they were very, very good and he always came out on top. And, he didn’t seem to ever get injured. Oh, he’d been stabbed a few times, but by the time a medic was on scene, he had surprisingly already healed to the point you couldn’t tell he’d been wounded.

Now that right there would be strange enough. Then he was visited by a strange man who had easily broken into his apartment and was waiting for him after he got off work. The man offered him a job with the “Immortal Corp.” with the incentive that successful completion of the mission would result in Daniel getting a complete file on who he was or had been. While the mission seemed easy enough, it required him to go to Earth and find information about a terrorist group call “The Phoenix”. Now Earth wasn’t the Earth we know of today. No, this Earth had been destroyed by man. Over population, overheating and just about every other disaster had befallen the planet and now it was a desolate waste land. The only thing that existed on the planet were gangs and more gangs of disparate people who didn’t have the means to escape Earth when everybody else did.

So, this mission isn’t going to all that hard if Daniel can stay away from the gangs and just get some information on the Phoenix and get back out. Shouldn’t be a problem, except his first run-in with a gang member happened to be the worst gang leader of them all. And, it turns out that Daniel was involved in making sure this gangister didn’t get away from the authorities. He made a real bad enemy right off the bat, even before getting to Earth. Here’s hoping the rest of the Reaper’s don’t find out what he did to their leader. Oh, yeah, they do!

Great first book in a new series. I hope Mr. Yanez keeps up with it. I like the character and there is a lot of action. It’s not a true military science fiction book, but it’s still a very good one.

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