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“Face Toward Enemy”


5 Small Stars
Face Toward Enemy
I’m not sure I really like this series.  Oh, it’s kind of interesting and the writing is different.  The main character is kind of a cornball in the way he casually treats everything and just doesn’t seem to really understand that he’s doing some serious stuff.  It could be that the dialogue is so close to every day speaking that it has kind of taken me by surprise. And what’s with the title to this book?  Sounds like a word is missing!
Also, I’m not a fan of this mystical power stuff that’s bestowed on someone just because they happen to be wearing or attracted to by some purple vambraces.  And who has even hear of vambraces until they’ve read this story.  Even my spellchecker doesn’t want to recognize that as a real word (well, my Microsoft speaker checker didn’t, but my MacOS spellcheck did!).
Anyway, we’re with Frank Wolffe and the Space Corps One Marine.  Frank has just been promoted to Major and is now in  charge of the team.  He’s first mission is to go back to Atmos to solidify their alliance.  That doesn’t really need satisfying since the Empress and Frank are already deeply involved.  But, as an Arilion Knight from Atmos (that’s where he got his vambraces), he’s obligated to go back there and be seen.
Unfortunately, as soon as his team steps through the gateway and he sees Empress Vega, her General and the old Historian, the side of the gateway room explodes!  Someone has attacked the royal grounds at the most inopportune time.  After recovering and making sure Vega is alright, Frank takes off after the criminal.  Witnesses said he was riding some kind of aircycle and flew towards the forest.  Frank catches up with the guy and notices that his vambraces are glowing orange!  They get into a horrendous fight with Frank winding up tied to a tree and his vambraces trapped under at net.  The guy could have killed Frank with the amount of power he displayed.  So, why didn’t he?
And that’s the rest of the story.  Once Frank recovers, he and his team go after this new threat.  They meet up with Sava and a new Arilion Knight by the name of Yur’l.  His a bird man and not very much of a warrior.  So why did the vambraces seek him out and declare him an Arilion Knight?  Read the book and you might or might not find out.

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