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5 Small Stars

So, Daniel Hunt, former of the Pack, is now running with Preacher, another member of the Pack. Daniel is still not certain that he wants to be part of this “Pack”, although it seems that he was very much a part of it in his past live. Of course he has no memory of any of that past life. Bits and pieces of it are coming back because he keeps running into his former Pack associates. Preacher just happens to be the latest. Daniel is getting a lot of information from Preacher, but not the kind he wants to know. While the Pack was created, funded and fielded by the Immortal Corporation, Dan knows they also ordered the execution of one of their own, namely Amber. Amber and Daniel were deeply involved when the Pack existed. When she was killed on order of the Immortal Corp., Daniel was taken out of the equation to prevent him from trying to take out everyone. His memory was wiped and for the last five years, he had no idea of who he was.

Now, he’s in a transport ship going to the far side of Mars to look for an undiscovered alien colony! Since Mars and Earths moon had been colonized a long time ago, no one had ever dreamed of their being aliens. The idea of such was hard to accept and the Galactic Government wasn’t going to do anything about it if they didn’t have proof. So, Daniel and Preacher were going to see if they could get some of that proof.

Only, they got captured. And that’s what this story is about. They find out a lot of information about these aliens and none of it any good. They are growing their own army and it’s going to soon far exceed anything Mars has to stop it. it certainly isn’t going to be defeated just by the Immortal Corporation. How Daniel and Preacher get the proof they need is a good story. They are eventually joined by Angel and Jax who along with Sam (Samatha), Echo, Preacher, Daniel and Amber formed the Pack. These people weren’t your ordinary mercenaries. No, they had all been “enhanced” by the Immortal Corp. one way or another. While Daniel was incredibly strong and fast, he could also heal amazingly fast too. The others also had certain abilities which made the team almost unstoppable when they had a mission to complete.

Still, Daniel decides he might have to put his desire for revenge against the Immortal Corp. aside for awhile. This alien threat is real and it is almost more than humanity can bear. If humans are to continue to exist, they must unite against this very large and capable alien army.

Great writing and excellent story. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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