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“Iron Wolves”


Another very good book in this collection. I can’t believe how good book in the entire Galaxy’s Edge universe are turning out to be. If you’re a fan of military science fiction, then you’ve hit the jackpot with all of these books.

This story involves a platoon of Iron Wolf Legionnaires. They are assigned to what seems to be an out-of-the-way mission to represent the Republic when a new government signs up to be part of the Galactic Republic. Cononga is one nation that wants to join the Republic, but it has problems with its neighbors to the north. They are displaces Alines and appear to have a strong leader that wants to takeover all of Cononga. He initially attacks the capital city of Noi right after the Iron Wolves had landed. With a frantic effort, the Iron Wolves fight off these rebels which getting support from another alien by the name of Sola who was hired as a guide for the Iron Wolves. She is accompanied by Fenra, who is definitely an alien and lots of it!  While the Iron Wolves successfully fight off this first attack, they find out that this mission isn’t going to be as easy as it was described.

First, the President of Cononga specifically requested the Iron Wolves attend the official signing ceremony and that’s why the Iron Wolves were on this mission when they normally wouldn’t show for what amounts to a diplomatic event. It just so happens that in the long past of the Iron Wolves during Savage Wars, another detachment of Iron Wolves were instrumental in defending Cononga and to this day, everything associated with the Iron Wolves is held in high esteem. There’s even a museum in the capital city palace with tons of old Savage Wars weapons and other fighting gear that was used by those Iron Wolves of yesteryears.

Captain Zeno is in command of this Iron Wolves detachment with Sergeant Sam Samson as his Senior NCO. You’ll meet and read about almost everyone in the detachment as the story goes along. They are typical Legionnaires, ready to KTF, as usual and feel right at home when they have to protect the capital city right off the bat. Unfortunately, they do have a Major stationed on the Republic space cruiser in orbit. I say, “unfortunately”, because he is a “Point” or a politically appointed officer in the Legion and has no operational background at all. He also has no plans to come down to the ground to survey the situation for himself. He has declared this mission a diplomatic mission and that’s what it’s going to be. He specifically orders Captain Zeno not to engage any indigenous people of the planet.

But, of course, the Legionnaires on the ground aren’t going to just stand around when they’re fighting to be done. The enemy to the north has hired another alien army of mercenaries and they are coming to take the capital city of Noi. That means that Captain Zeno and Sgt Samson will have to fight with what they got since they’re not getting any support from the Republican cruiser.  Turns out that a well stocked museum might come in very handy. Modern weapons aren’t the only thing the Legion can kill the enemy with.

Lots of fighting, but only in this one place. Pretty easy to follow the story and stay abreast with what was happening. Not sure if this was based on some kind of true-life situation, but I can see that it could easily have been. Lots of little countries trying to stay free by inviting a bigger nation to come in, but that doesn’t set well with all the people. So a civil war usually starts out. In this story, there’s a little dictator wanting to have more and he’s not going to get it.  Now on to the next book.

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