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“Inish Carraig”


Inish Carrraig

This was kind of a so-so science fiction book. There’s not really much to it. In fact, If I tell you anything much about the story, I’ll probably spoil the whole thing. Still, even spoiling the story won’t be that terrible since the story isn’t that great!

Earth has, once again, been conquered by aliens. This time, two separate alien races found Earth’s resources too good to pass up. The Zelotyr are the more militaristic of the two, while the Barath’na look something like dogs? Neither alien race is explained much in the story. I still don’t have a clue what the Zelotyr look like, but I believe they are ugly. The Zelotry bomb the crap out of the Earth, destroying every major city on the entire planet. Then they set up their own food plants which give off a smell something like human excrement, if you know what I mean. Oh, neither alien race considered humans as sentient! Finally, some Galactic Council stepped in and declared humans were sentient and the Zelotyr had to restore what they destroyed. Of course this didn’t set well with the Barath’na since they wanted Earth for themselves and were somewhat willing to go to war with the Zelotyr over the planet. But, something happened to the Zelotyr and that’s kind of where are story starts.

The writing is good, but the main characters are kids. These kids aren’t too intelligent because some of the things they do are down-right stupid. Yeah, they’re about 16, maybe 15, and they think they know it all, but they are just trying to survive and they don’t do a very good job of it. Also, we’ve got some cops involved, along with soldiers, Earth soldiers who are now cooperating with the alien forces. I don’t know, you might find the story interesting, but I didn’t. And what’s with that name, Inish Carriag. I can’t even pronounce it correctly and can’t tell if it’s supposed to be an alien word or not. I know what it is, but I have no idea where the author came up with the title to her book. The current title certainly doesn’t make me want to grab the book and read it. And the book cover, while is just strange. What it is?

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